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Pediatric Home Services

PHS is an independent children’s home health care agency, whose mission is very clear; taking care of the child. PHS does this is providing comprehensive pediatric home care service to help kids with medical complexities live as fully as possible- at home, with their families, where they belong. The PHS team has been partnering with health care professionals, payers and family caregivers for nearly 30 years helping thousands of kids outlive expectations and successfully transition to adulthood. The PHS brand and physical environment is all about bringing joy to kids and their families during an often very difficult journey.


PHS recently expanded at its current location in Roseville MN and was looking for a creative solution for bringing their brand to life by adding color, joy and fun into the physical space.

The goal was to bring the phs brand ethos to life through engaging, fun, bright colors, graphics and visual of kids.

The initial phase of the project was centered around their newly expanded conference rooms. These rooms are over 16ft tall with very stark, blank walls and serious acoustic challenges. The next phase dealt with visually enhancing workspaces, hallways, doorways, and the main entrance welcoming space.


The Pictura Interiors team developed an overall creative design centered in bold colors, unique shapes and innovative custom materials to solve the challenges in each of the various spaces. Utilizing high resolution large format digital printing techniques and sophisticated color management, we created a wide range of specialize graphics. Each element of the project was carefully installed by our professional teams working with PHS to ensure minimal impact to daily office activity.

Phase 1: Conference Rooms

The Conference rooms were tackled using several unique sound absorption materials with digitally printed colors and custom die-cut shapes. The graphic treatments, bold colors and unique shapes/patterns created stunning visual experience and significantly improved the overall acoustics of these busy rooms.

Unique solutions delivered:

  • custom cut and colored acoustic panels

  • hanging ceiling acoustic panels

  • large wall murals

  • custom artwork creation

  • vinyl lettering

  • custom pattern privacy window graphics

Phase 2: Workspaces

Several key spaces at PHS were targeted for visual enhancement including the main welcoming lobby, hallways and workspaces. The main goal was to bring in color, bold shapes and fun brand elements increasing the overall visual energy of the space.

Unique solutions delivered:

  • 3D dimensional lettering

  • large wall murals

  • seamless fabric wall graphics

  • bold colors/shapes vinyl graphics

  • glass panel artwork



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