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City Point Bar: MSP's coolest bar to hang out waiting for you next flight!

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

At least we at Pictura Interiors think so.


Often do you find yourself sitting at your terminal gate or roaming the concourse floor waiting for your flight. City Point Bar, located in MSP International airport, terminal one - concourse B, wants you to experience a different perspective in the term "layover" during your next personal, or business trip.

City Point Bar; Concourse B at MSP International Airport

Pictura Interiors partnered with HCM Architects to design a unique stylized map/photo illustration for two large wall sections. These original high resolution graphics were printed directly on to acrylic material using UV technology, and at over 6 feet tall, they really deliver dynamic visual impact in the finished space. “The result is a very clean, stylistic approach to acrylic prints.” said Ted Wright from HCM Architects. “Going in we understood the challenge with this space. Pictura provided us the solution we were looking for in the custom graphic prints.”

These custom large format digital prints provide a visual focal point and uniquely support the overall brand as visitors enter the City Point Bar.

So the next time your roaming the MSP Terminal looking for some place to kick back, relax and wait for that next flight, stop in at City Point Bar and enjoy the graphic scenery.




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