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Got Blank Spaces? Cover them up with custom printed wallcovering

Image courtesy of Wallpaperie & Better Homes and Garden

Find yourself in a room full of white walls? In your office, a lobby, conference rooms. Trends in wallcovering are going well beyond the simple wallpaper designs of yesteryear. It’s all about custom designed wallcovering. It allows you to can create stylish unique spaces throughout any room or facility to enhance an environment, a brand or event just the wall in your home office.

Wallcovering designs are becoming more customized to people’s individual desires, whether it be modern geometric shapes, custom floral prints or customizable branded designs. Is it possible we’ve come to an era of new found appreciation for wallpaper and wallcoverings? Ask yourself: If it applies easily, it’s as temporary as you want it to be and completely customizable, the answer is absolutely!

Property owners and corporate offices are utilizing custom wallcovering to enhance areas for tenants or employees. Hospitals and healthcare industries are creating interior atmospheres that help shape moods within the hospital sectors and patient rooms. Hotels and hospitality business converting blank spaces into unique branded environments.


Here are 5 reasons why you should consider custom wallcovering:

1. Create a unique or branded environment

2. Adhesive backing makes installation easy and breezy

3. Class A fire retardant.

4. Cost Efficient

5. Completely customizable to any design


With advancements in digital printing technology and printable material options, custom wallcovering is becoming a statement making option to a blank wall for any business alike. From matte to glossy finishes to flat or textured substrates, we even offer gold or silver metallic for those crazy unique prints. The options are endless. We can even install dry-erase wallcovering for those visualizers who simply want to draw right on the wall. Throw those dry erase boards away. They’re no longer required. Custom wallcovering is becoming the thing of the now!



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