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Get to know Adam Lindblom. Pictura’s newest Creative Design Director, coffee connoisseur and team player.

Adam joins the Pictura team with environmental design expertise utilizing an innovative visual 3D software called UnReal Studio. With his ability to create stunning custom interactive visuals of a space or environment in the design and conceptual phase period, he's able to visually show clients a real-time environmental representation of how their space can look. This software drastically reduces structural development time through efficient transfer of model data into the UnReal Engine creating quicker turnaround time with clients.

Attributing his success to the years of learning experience he’s gained in multiple industries, Adam worked on high profile projects like Puma, Bank of America Rebrand and Aveda retail re-design. Adam will help Pictura bring creative and environmental design elements into project development.

Starting out as a bike mechanic in a small bike shop, who would have thought becoming a master in 3D environmental design would become a passion. But looking at the big picture and creating a three-dimensional world has always been one of many of Adam’s talents. He went on to learn the CAD development platform where he built hardware museum frames, which quickly lead him into the Install and dismantle (I and D) profession for the trade show market.

In his spare time, Adam likes to go back to where it all began, with the bicycle. Spending time with his guitar and mountain biking or snowboarding in the hills of Colorado. And if his bike happens to break down, he has the tools and expertise to fix it on the spot.


Recent Work:


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