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Christ Presbyterian Church 

Christ Presbyterian Church (CPC) came to Pictura Interiors looking for a solution to showcase their values and beliefs in an exciting and unique way. CPC worked with Station 19, an architectural firm for churches, who designed the graphics for the church. Using CPCs cross design we created the cross and lettering on white acrylic resulting in an eye-catching graphic solution.  

Image-27 (1).jpg

The world map, printed on vinyl, is a way for the church to represent their help throughout the world as they will be able to highlight the locations of various mission trips.   

This custom wall covering is a picture of the church itself printed on vinyl. Which is a great way to showcase a powerful image or message. 


"We had a great experience working with Pictura Interiors. The graphics and signage really transformed our space!  We love the ability to share our vision when our congregation comes though the doors." - Sarah Long, Director of Communications at CPC

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